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Security Patrols

MPA Security Patrols

These security patrols are a cost-effective alternative to on-site personnel in many environments. If implemented properly, patrol services can be a strong deterrent to crime. They provide a number of value-added services, such as after-hour control of locks and doors, alarm response, and periodic inspection of key location of concern.

MPA Security patrol service provides clientele with highly trained uniformed personnel. Services include random or scheduled (determined by clientele) patrols of your facility. Patrol officers visit inside the site. They, inspect the property-based on the clients’ needs. Clients get incident reports and information about inspections. If problems are observed, patrol officers make required notifications and remain on-site until the adequate remedy is provided. MPA Security Patrol clients have peace of mind knowing that our high quality, professional security company watches their property.

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Corporate Security

Corporate facilities often require 24-hour, round the clock security services to ensure the safety and security of the building, its contents, as well as the corporate executives and the staff inside. Executives at busy corporate facilities often face increased security challenges that require a higher level of security awareness, attention, and performance by security officers.

These services are performed by trained and dedicated security professionals. We are keenly aware of the protection challenges required for corporate facilities. This includes prompt and professional actions in the response to information received that would threaten the safety and security of the facility and the individuals therein.